Monday, June 3, 2013

Newest Member to the Donor Pen

Star TCF Miss Adv Kay 542P ET (Miss Kay)
Sire: Remitall Keynote 20X
Dam: HH Miss Adv 786G 1ET

We just purchased this cow in the Ridgeview Farms Mature Cow Sale.  She is a maternal sister to the dam of MSU TCF Revolution 4R(MSU TCF Rachael ET 54N), Star TCF Lock-N-Load 300W ET(Star TCF Adv Oralee 173P ET), MSU TCF Titleist 2T ET(MSU TCF Rachael ET 56N), DeLHawk Capital 0810(Star TCF Adv Oralee 159P ET), and power dam BR DM Geisha ET.  This line of females is one of the most powerful lines in the Hereford breed today  Countless high sellers and winners all throughout the country have these genetics flowing through them.

Miss Kay is now at Donor Solutions in Rensselaer.  We will be In-Vitro Flushing Miss Kay in the coming weeks.  Stay tuned for details and opportunities next month!

Check out her video at 9 years of age!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Sale Cows

We still have a few pairs left for sale but they are moving extremely fast.  These cows are all A.I. bred and have heifers calves at their side.  Contact me for pricing and we will give a discount if the buyer takes them all.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Cows for Sale

I am offering a select group of females for sale. All the females are 5 years or younger. We are offering 3 and 1's, bred cows, and bred heifers.
3 and 1's:
2010 model CJH Harland 408 daughter with a Feb AA HRD Chuckwagon 0138 heifer. She is bred to TH 89T 755T Victor 476Z who is a full brother to $120,000 Stockman Genex purchased at Topp's.
2010 model Golden Oak Outcross 18U daughter with March Churchill Rancher 592R daughter. She is bred to THM Durango 4037.
2008 model AA PRF Wideload granddaughter with March AA HRD Chuckwagon 0138 heifer. She is bred to TH 71U 755T Dynasty 400Z ET.
2009 model AA PRF Wideload granddaughter bred to AA LF Airline 849 ET due in May.
2009 model AA PRF Wideload granddaughter bred to AA LF Airline 849 ET due in May.
2012 model Churchill Sensation 028X daughter bred to KJ TMG 236X Tebow 646Z
2012 model Harvie Dan T-Bone 196T granddaughter will be bred to KJ TMG 236X Tebow 646Z.

Contact me for prices and pictures on these beauties!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Thank You!

A big thank you goes out to Reed Seedstock of Clifton, KS for their recent purchase of CGS Miss Revolution 002Y and AMC MCF Awesum Invest 209 ET.  Both of these heifers will be on the show scene this spring and summer in Kansas and be sure to look for them at Junior Nationals!  Thank you for the confidence in our program!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Spring Calving, Check!

It has been a very crazy and chaotic month of March.  Between deadlines and calving and treating sick calves and getting the cows ready for breeding season, it has been exhausting!  One major hurdle was crossed last night as our last spring calving cow had hers last night.  With the trend that I have seen this year I wasn't the least bit surprised to see a set of twin heifers nursing their mother when I went to do chores. 

We have 12 calves on the ground and exactly half of them are a twin!  We ended the spring calving calender with 9 heifers and 3 bulls and they are all doing awesome. I can barely hold the excitement until weaning time to see these calves develop.  Chuckwagon graced us with 6 out of his 7 calves being heifers! They are came small and have loads of pigment.  They are growing really well and have his shape and thickness already.  We have a powerhouse January bull out of THM Durango 4037.  I have never seen a calf with this much top, hip, and stoutness at such an early age.  We also have two maternal sibs to National Champions, Hometown and Trust!  The bull is stout, conservatively marked, and has the look of a rugged herd bull.  The heifer has a ton of broodiness and cowwy look to her.  I can't wait to see how they develop.  Our last set of twins came from a cow we purchased from Kegley Farms this past fall.  She is an own daughter of Golden Oak Outcross 18U.  These heifers out of Churchill Rancher 592R came small and are both goggle eyed.  They are red to the ground just like momma and have a lot of spunk!  Be sure to follow us on Twitter @amcherefords for pictures and updates of the calves and breeding season!

Speaking of breeding season, we are getting geared up.  We put in CIDR's in the Recips Monday and will be doing the same this coming Monday to the cows that are at least 45 days post calving.  We will be putting eggs in by CRR About Time 743 and our donor AA HRD Monique 0140.  Can't wait to see these babies next winter!  We also purchased another bull to use as cleanup for the heifers.  He is from the Ochsner Ranch and we can't wait to get him home and get him pictured.  He is a moderate framed bull with tremendous rib shape and a hug hip and hindquarter.  Check out his details on the sires page and we will be sure to get a picture of him ASAP!  Thanks for checking in and be sure to follow us on Twitter!


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

2 For The Money!

Calving season is in full swing and it has been an exciting ride so far.  It began with an early delivery in January with a Durango bull calf. After a couple weeks of patiently waiting I had a surprise one morning with twin heifer calves from the Churchill cow.  We had a cow abort the night before and were lucky because she accepted one of the twins and is a very good foster dam. That same night came a Chuckwagon bull calf in a cold and damp night.  He was up and nursing in 15 minutes in 10 degree weather. Gotta love Herefords! Then this weekend I was moving out the cows that haven't calved yet into a new pasture and had a water bag hanging out which was a perfect time to take lunch.  When I came back out the new momma was cleaning off 2 heifer calves! She is gonna have a tougher go than the other dam because she has to raise these two but I think she will be up to the task.  We are a little over 25% done with calving with the recips due any day now.  Can't wait to see the sibs to Nat'l Champs Trust and Hometown!  Be sure to follow us on twitter @amcherefords for pictures and up to date statuses!


Sunday, February 17, 2013

New Bull Purchase

We have been on the lookout this winter to purchase a new Herd Bull.  We A.I. everything in the herd and wanted a quality cleanup bull that wouldn't sacrifice any of our goals.  After multiple inquiries and bull sales we stumbled upon our purchase on the internet.  Thanks to Carver Herefords in Cotton Center, TX for offering a bull of this magnitude for sale.

We purchased H L18 Special 8300 ET.  Special is a full brother to Hoffman Ranches power donor, H Lady Excel 824 ET, the dam of their popular show bull from this past year, H Victor 1036.  Special is out of the immortal GO Excel L18 and a former Junior National Reserve Grand Female.  His dam is a C-S Pure Gold 98170 daughter out of Barber Ranch's famous 820 donor cow.  820 is the dam of Moler and Channing as well as countless other powerful females.  There is power in the blood.

Special stamps his calves with his powerful hip, a ton of bone, and tremendous depth and dimension.  We are excited to see how his daughters impact our future.  We will have semen available once we get him up north!  Semen-$25, Certs-$40